Cheap Gift Certs

Big Box Stores’ Pain = Smart Shoppers’ Gain

The economy is tight and we’re all stretched a little thin at the wallet.  When retailers are in pain, I start smiling because I know they are soon to be discounting.  When consumers tighten up, retailers are competing harder for your dollar and start racing each other to reach the lowest price possible.

Judging from recent mailers and discount coupons I’ve received in the mail, the likes of Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Best Buy are already beginning their marathon.  I have seen up to 25% off all store items from some of the above clothing retailers.  Best Buy, having lower margins, doesn’t discount as much, but I’m here to show you how you can make your own discounts.

Using the store navigation on the left, you can easily search for Best Buy gift cards.  By combining the gift cards and using Best Buy coupons, you should be able to save almost 15% on your Home Electronics purchases.

Be careful with Gift cards, sometimes they can go for higher than the stored value.  I recommend just bidding to reach your minimum discount level.  For example, if the stored value is $100 and you want to get a 15% discount, then put in your maximum  bid at $85.  If it goes over, then don’t bid again.

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